Our Web Hosting Services

Tailored for our Web Services

Our web hosting services grew out of a need to provide you, our clients, with a level of service consistent with the other design and marketing business services we offer.

Frankly, we grew tired of watching, over and over again, how difficult it was for our design and marketing clients who used other hosting companies. They struggled to get high-level service and support from providers who seemed to care more about volume levels and cost-cutting than customer satisfaction. No one likes being treated like a commodity.

Once the decision was made to offer hosting to our clients the rest - as they say - was easy! We already had the infrastructure and expertise in place for our own projects and simply began quietly rolling it out as an option to existing clients. The response was immediate and overwhelming, and today we proudly offer our superior hosting as a separate service available to any business.

Fully Managed From A-Z

Our secret is that we take a proactive roll in managing your web hosting. We free you up to do what you do best - run your business successfully - and we take care of the technical details. You can rest easy knowing your web servers are working 24/7 and that any issues are being handled by experienced engineers and technicians.

Scalable Hosting Options

One of the ways we stand apart is by offering hosting options and plans that are tailored to your business. We don't try to force you into a service level that is inappropriate to your needs.

By managing our hosting business to provide optimum service levels - rather than squeezing as many customers onto a server like the commodity hosting companies do - we re able to quickly and easily change your hosting options as your business needs grow.

Geared For Small to Medium Businesses

Just like in our design and marketing services we focus our hosting services on the unique needs and concerns of our small and medium business clients. We aren't trying to be all things to all people.

Instead we focus on what we do best - providing superior services to local businesses who are tired of the take-a-number-and-stand-in-line treatment seen at too many national providers. We're local and we're proud of it!

In-House Support

Have you ever called your hosting support and spent your time on hold trying to figure out where in the world they were located? Well with GreenTent hosting services when you call you talk to us not some outsourced call center on another continent. It's part of our commitment to superior service. We're your neighbors and we're here with you.

Fast Network & Solid Security

Our servers are located locally in highly-secured co-location facilities with around the clock climate and access control. We provide redundant and dynamically scalable bandwidth connections to servers that employ automated system updating and backup capabilities to keep them current and secure.

That's the technical way of saying that because we host websites for our own businesses, clients, and partners responsible for millions of dollars in transactions and sales we can't afford to take chance with security or performance. So we don't! Period!

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