About GreenTent Design & Marketing

We're GreenTent! What's that? In a nutshell we specialize in Web Design & Development, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Secure No-Nonsense Web Hosting!

But the really interesting thing is that we do it to help small and medium businesses increase sales, generate leads, improve their image, and keep their Web site and services running smoothly! It's that focus that sets us apart.

We're not just another "Web Design" company building pretty Web sites - we're a Web Design company building pretty Web sites that are engineered from the beginning to be highly-visible to search engines and the people who use them, compliment the internet-based marketing campaigns we design and manage for clients, and drive incremental sales and motivate new business prospects to take action. Which, when you think about it, is the real reason most businesses want a Web site in the first place!

After all , "if it ain't got that swing then it don't mean a thing."

What's Important To Us?

We like to think that one of GreentTent's best competitive strengths has always been our recognition that as a business we are only effective when we operate as an ethical company with integrity. Because all of us on the GreenTent team seek to live our personal faith daily, we constantly strive to maintain the fundamental principles of fairness, honesty and common sense, which are the heart of the company's philosophy, values and standards.

We believe that strong business ethics and integrity should form the basis for all of our relationships with clients, partners, competitors, suppliers and colleagues. It's really that simple!

Just Who Are We?

We're a highly-trained specialized team of seasoned experts who do more before lunch to build our clients' businesses than most "Web Design" companies do in a month of Sundays!

Barney Iott - Web Strategy

BarneyFounder, Top dog, and head honcho means that Barney Iott drives the overall strategy and direction and dispenses daily master's level schooling in all areas of Search Engine Optimization to anyone lucky enough to be around him. Ninja costume not included!

Rob Patterson - Web Marketing

RobThe big man Rob Patterson puts the words to paper, and plans into action, that motivate response and persuade people in all walks of life to take actions that result in more business for our clients! In his spare time he makes himself, and occasionally others, laugh!

Kellen Wright - Web Marketing / Programming

kellenNew kid on the block Kellen Wright always brings his A-Student game to his role as primary market researcher, and his degree in economics serves him well as our resident statistics geek! He's a one man stimulus plan!

Joe McCulley Project Management

JoeThe "MacGyver" of search engine marketing and content development, Joe keeps projects moving forward in all phases of design, development and marketing, putting the "hand" in handcrafted. If he's not backpacking with Sunny, the company mascot, you'll find him front row at a local music venue.