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Photographer SEO/SEM

Premier, Affordable Search Engine Optimization

GreenTent provides top-level search engine marketing for photographers. We focus on local SEO, tailored specifically for photographers, and designed to boost your site's visibility in user searches. Get more clients, or have the luxury of choosing only the clients you want to work with.

Let Us Do the Work: No Sweat Search Engine Ranking

Search engine marketing can be a daunting task. It requires constant research, monitoring, and updating. It doesn't have to be expensive! Here at GreenTent, we'll provide you with the best SEM management services. We work with your current site, including flash sites such as BluDomain, Showit, Photobiz, WordPress and more, saving you time and money.

Affordable SEO for Photographers: Guaranteed

We provide the best search engine marketing for photographers. And, since we specialize in photographer SEO, we offer our services at discounted prices. Just one or two extra weddings will pay for the entire year. Wouldn't you rather spend your money on a new lens than on overpriced services? GreenTent provides high quality service at reasonable rates.

Performance-Guaranteed Search Engine Marketing

We guarantee our work. We'll get you to the first page of Google results for two different search terms by an agreed upon date, and if you're not there by that day, we'll keep optimizing for free until you are. It's that simple. We do the research, we do the management, and you get the results.

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Internet Marketing

Let's face it, the days when you could have the kid down the street select a nice color scheme and some pretty graphics and slap together a Web site for you that works well are gone forever - if they ever existed at all.

Yes, most of us recognize that the Web has become a mature and robust platform for delivering information and conducting business, but many do not realize that it achieved this status by adopting some very specific standards and practices. Too often you see sites that haven't reconciled the push/pull relationship between form and function.

The problems happen when you move to far on the design side and your site ends up beautiful but with no traffic because it's invisible to search engines, and other technology - or, if you go overboard on function side and you may get a site that is programmed well but holds no appeal to a visitor or prospect who does find it.

That balance is where most firms get it wrong. They're either run by designers or programmers but rarely both. At GreenTent our focus has always been on building sites with elegant design & valid programming because we're a partnership of people from both backgrounds and disciplines, We bring our extensive design and technical expertise to every project we work on.

The bottom line: GreenTent specializes in building beautifully Web sites that make our clients money - and we work hard to do it! After all, elegant design & valid programming don't just happen by themselves.

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Web Design

Do you know who you are? More importantly, do your prospects and clients know who you are? Logo & identity design are quite simply the face your business puts forward to the public. That's why GreenTent takes special care to get it right.

Because, whether it's in print or on the Web, in the form of logos, business cards, letterhead, brochures, or other materials, your identity is crucial to communicating visually what your company is all about.

In marketing, your corporate identity is the "persona" of a business. An identity, when done well, is designed to support and enhance the attainment of your businesses objectives. We specialize in creating logos and identities that work from both a design, and a business development standpoint.

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Web Hosting

Our secret is that we take a proactive roll in managing your web hosting. We free you up to do what you do best - run your business successfully - and we take care of the technical details. You can rest easy knowing your web servers are working 24/7 and that any issues are being handled by experienced engineers and technicians.

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